Dragged Into Sunlight - Hatred For Mankind (2009)

Anti-everything in their own words, Dragged Into Sunlight play what could be a point where sludge metal, crust punk, and blackened death metal all sound the same. Like a bastard child of Hellhammer, Asphyx, Leviathan, His Hero Is Gone, and Noothgrush; they forge sheer sonic atrocities -- songs imploding enough to tear down the speakers if necessary. Their only full-length, released in 2009 -- "Hatred For Mankind" --  is a collection of six unholy psalms, running over fifty minutes. It's a record just as desperate and desolate as Sadistic Intent, early Rwake, and Carnivore; with samples implanted in between the tracks, and an overall lo-fi mix. Though ruthless as they might be, the DIS also subsume to their sound, soundscapes; what their colleges in Bongripper also incorporate, but with the immutable, fiendish vocals on top, they rarely stop beating the shit out of the listener. Not many bands go where DIS are headed to, and so they're in league of their own. A league from Hell itself, that is.

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